Accurate asset inventory and connectivity mapping are critically important to enable correct budgeting, maintenance, repairs, rehabilitation and reporting systems.

At ESG, we utilise state-of-the-art fixed zoom and robotic tractor cameras to quickly and efficiently provide accurate data on drainage structures.

These assessments also provide excellent knowledge of the structural and service condition as well as practical operation of your drainage systems, and can classify assets according to your requirements.

Our comprehensive methodology works with active GIS layers, enabling our crews to:

  • Correct inaccurate locations.
  • Pick up spatial and attribute data for your draining assets.
  • Remap areas.
  • Provide condition assessments of your pipe networks.
Services and resources
GPS Surveys

We collect location data via RTK GPS, utilising world-class survey equipment and VRS correction network to offer centimetre precision on collected coordinates. Robotic total stations may also be deployed in areas where satellite coverage is problematic (i.e. heavy tree coverage, hi rise buildings).

Quickview zoom technology

Our fixed zoom technology provides the benefits of rapid deployment and the ability to look past silting issues that would otherwise stop a tractor camera, recording all observations and defects to WSA05-2013 v3.1.

Robotic tractor camera

While the majority of inspections are performed with a fixed zoom camera, a robotic tractor camera is available for challenging or concerning conduits.


We can recode and reuse your old CCTV data to new standards, by exporting older pipe coding systems and streamlining them in the new Wincan software.

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