Non destructive digging is the use of high pressure water, vacuum technology and cctv equipment we are able to provide a comprehensive range of services to pothole for underground services, clean drains, inspect the structural integrity of your underground assets and remove most waste streams from your site.

Drain cleaning and maintenance

Ensuring drains are clear of debris and structurally sound is paramount to a preventative maintenance program. Blockages can be caused by a build up of debris overtime and if left untreated can inhibit drainage assets resulting in property damage caused by flooding.

Environmental Services Group use high-pressure water, combined with vacuum and a variety of specially engineered nozzles to remove debris and ensure drains are fit for operation. A regular maintenance plan provides value for money and prevents costly repairs becoming an issue.

We recognise that all businesses have different needs when it comes to drainage assets, at ESG we can deliver a cost effective solution to suit your business.

Industries we service include

  • Council;

  • Water authorities;

  • Civil subdivision.

Our Resources

  • Pressure jetting units;

  • Combination/Vacuum units;

  • Remote access and Confined Space Entry equipment.

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Hydro Excavation / Non Destructive Digging (NDD)

Underground services are commonplace but locating and maintaining them can be challenging.

Environmental Services Group combine the use of a vacuum and water using hand lances to locate and prove underground services. With pressure from 2,000psi to 10,000psi, our equipment is suitable for small installation jobs through to major design and construction projects.

We regularly undertake

  • Location and identification of underground services;

  • Installation of safety barriers, road signs and pedestrian management bollards;

  • Pre-drilling protocols;

  • Joint projects with GPS surveying for road and land development.

Industries we service include

  • Civil construction – planning and construction phases;

  • Council;

  • Asset renewal or relocations.

Our Resources

  • Large hydro excavation equipment;

  • Non Destructive Digging (NDD) Units;

  • Electronic location services

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CCTV – Mainline and quickview

Provision of solutions that are cost effective is enhanced with the use of our CCTV solutions.

Using state of the art technology we can view, evaluate and make recommendations for the best long-term outcomes for your drainage network.

Whether working on a new development, extending existing infrastructure, maintaining underground assets or working on network condition assessment projects our CCTV Mainline and Quickview units provide information to maximise return on your budget.

Furthermore, recent technological advancements allow for the footage to be recoded and loaded into a user-friendly GIS format for use across multiple departments.

Industries we service include

  • Council;

  • Water authority;

  • Civil subdivision.

Our Resources

  • 360˚ Mainline CCTV;

  • Van mounted Quickview units;

  • Remote access easement reels.

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Industrial services

Removal of various types of stubborn material such as Cement, lime, silt, fertiliser and plaster from areas or surfaces require combining equipment to achieve a quality result.

Environmental Services Group combine high velocity vacuum units with high pressure water blasting pumps to get results. We recommend this service for cleaning assets such as

  • Pump stations;

  • Tanks, silos and pressure vessels;

  • Holding containers;

  • Large diameter pipelines;

  • Dams, digesters and aeration ponds.

Our system provides improved site efficiencies, lower manual handling issues and improved OH&S standards. We also take the hassle out of removing material from difficult access areas.

Industries we service include

  • Manufacturing facilities;

  • Water authorities;

  • Civil construction.

Our Resources

  • Large dry baghouse vacuum units;

  • Semi-vacuum trailers;

  • High pressure water pumps.

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Confined Space Entry

Working in small spaces is not for the faint-hearted – nor the untrained. Our team have undergone special training to enable them to access small spaces and carry out a range of work. Combined Space Entry is commonly undertaken with our other services.

We have experience in

  • Pump station, GPT and drain cleaning;

  • Pipeline and drainage infrastructure inspections;

  • Maintenance and cleaning of tanks;

  • Telecommunications and electrical utility work performed in manholes and unvented vaults;

  • Excavation and trench work that could develop hazardous atmospheres.

Our experience working in a diverse range of CSE environments allows us to plan and execute the required work with the highest level of safety.

Industries we service include

  • Council;

  • Utilities;

  • Water authorities.

Our Resources

  • Confined Space Entry van;

  • Trained personnel;

  • Ventilation and BA equipment.

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Waste management

Clean, efficient removal of liquid waste is a crucial part of modern society.

Environmental Services Groups provide value for money liquid waste management solutions that enable businesses to reduce their environmental impact.

We remove, transport and dispose of all types of liquid waste using our fleet of EPA licensed tankers ranging in size from 5,000L to 24,000L.

All of our waste streams are disposed of in accordance with EPA regulations. In an effort to minimise landfill and we also have a number of alliances that enable us to recycle and re-use a high percentage of the waste we collect.

Industries we service include

  • Utilities;

  • Drilling projects;

  • Entertainment and food production.

Our Resources

  • Rigid liquid waste trucks;

  • Semi-vacuum trailers.

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