Property Services: drain maintenance Geelong
At Environmental Services Group (ESG) we are committed to providing a quality service that allows our customers to concentrate on their business whilst we deliver ours.

With a wide range of plant and equipment, ESG can provide the following managed services:

Liquid waste

Our fleet of EPA licensed vehicles allows us to manage a diverse range of liquid waste streams effectively.

  • Grease traps

  • Triple interceptors

  • Mud Slurries

  • Drilling muds

  • Wash waters

  • Processing wastes

  • drain maintenance Geelong

Surface cleaning

We specialise in using various water jetting and cleaning agents to clean all types of surfaces from car parks to factory floors removing oils, chewing gum and general grime build up.

Waste management

At ESG we are committed to working with companies that strive to improve waste management processes.  All of our waste streams are disposed of in accordance with EPA regulations and we are constantly striving to minimise waste at landfill.We have a number of disposal alliance’s that allow ESG to recycle & reuse a large portion of the waste we collect.We can attend your site and complete an audit of your current waste management practices and provide guidance and management to streamline these activities to ensure cost effectiveness and improved environmental compliance.

Civil services

Pit, pipe and pump repairs, installation and maintenance.