CCTV drainage surveys are a cost effective way to view, evaluate and make recommendations for the best long-term outcomes of your drainage network.

Servicing all areas of Melbourne and Geelong, our Mainline and Quickview units provide information to maximise return on your budget.

CCTV drain surveys can be used for a range of projects – whether you’re working on a new development, extending existing infrastructure, maintaining underground assets or working on network condition projects.

Using the latest technology, we can improve your data and vision from existing assets and even recover and load old data all into a simple format to use across multiple departments.

Services and resources
Specialised CCTV units

Depending on your needs, we can use 360˚ Mainline CCTV, van-mounted Quickview units and remote access easement reels.

Pre and post construction survey

We can create a schedule to assess new drainage systems both pre and post construction within a council asset base or construction site.

Solar technology

Our CCTV units have solar panels with the latest inverter technology, removing the need to use a generator to undertake works.  This not only reduces the emission of ions into the environment, but also reduces noise for the operator and/or residents.

Drain cleaning and CCTV

ESG can clean drains prior to or in conjunction with our CCTV services to ensure that you gain maximum coverage in your allocated budget.

Pit and pipe identification

ESG operators are highly experienced at determining and working with common pit and pipe materials with a detailed understanding of stormwater connectivity and flow. This ensures your network is assessed correctly and data entered accurately.

Link to your GIS

Our unique system can transfer CCTV video, images and derived data directly into a GIS environment.

  • Council
  • Water authorities
  • Civil subdivision