Environmental Services Group perform drain cleaning services and drain maintenance across Melbourne and Geelong.

Our extensive fleet of drain cleaning units use high-pressure water, combined with vacuum and specially engineered nozzles to remove debris and ensure drains are fit for operation.

Ensuring drains are clear of debris and structurally sound are essential for a preventative maintenance program. Blockages can be caused by a build-up of debris over time and if left untreated, can result in property damage caused by flooding.

A regular drain maintenance plan driven by accurate data provides value for money and prevents costly repairs becoming an issue.

We recognise that all businesses have different needs when it comes to drainage assets, and can deliver a cost-effective solution to suit your business.

Services and resources
Gross pollutant traps (GPTs)

Ensuring the correct functionality of your GPT network will effectively collect and remove pollutants, sediment and debris to improve storm water quality. Drain cleaning services are available adhoc, on a scheduled basis, or through a complete maintenance inspection program.

Combination jetting

Drain cleaning units are available for both high and low pressure work, with a wide range of attachments to remove deposits such as grease, sand, silt and roots.

Water recycling jetting

Water is recycled during our jetting operations to lower water usage and improve operator efficiency.  We can deploy recycling technology to utilise live flows to minimise potable water required during cleaning operations.

Easement reel

A trailer mounted easement reel is available for difficult to reach easement cleaning.

Root cutting

Our jetting machines are equipped with root cutters to aid pressure cleaning ranging in size from 100-900mm

Confined space entry

Our trained and experienced confined space operators can perform a variety of works in pipe assets.


CCTV drain surveys are also available across Melbourne and Geelong, to assist in the drain cleaning process.

Waste removal

All waste removed during drain cleaning services is transported and disposed of in accordance with our EPA license.

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  • Water authorities
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